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Never have I imagined myself to be where I am now. True I am a student that explores her own self but still I would say that I can call myself an artist. I do believe that being an artist is in the heart. Its is the will to explore and understand the concept of art that is found within one's soul. Art is not limited to pictures or the object that is made, it is life itself. Art is lived and with this realization  artmaking goes beyond the artwork. At this stage in my artistic path, I am looking for answers and techniques that would suite me and I am finding this journey so fun and exhilarating. Some days I feel like I am burned out but most days I am inspired. I noticed the change in myself when I started to live my art. I now feel like I could imagine more than worry about making. I would say it is a joy knowing art and I hope I get to live on continuing this path. 

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